Frequently Asked Questions

A Mortgage adviser's job is to work on your behalf with banks / lenders to find the product that is best fit for your needs. Mortgage brokers have a well-developed relationship withf lenders they work with, which can make your life easier. A Mortgage Adviser is always available in future to assist you with increasing or decreasing your loan, adding other loans, or changing lenders should the need arise.

An Insurance adviser's job is to work on your behalf with Insurers to find the product that is best fit for your needs. Insurance advisers are qualified to assist you with working out what type of products you may need, how much cover you need and fitting the pricing into your budget. In the future they will work with you to assist on any claims and reviewing your insurance requirements.

All of the professional Mortgage / Insurance Advisers on our site are regulated by the Government, are listed on the Financial Service Providers Register, and are certified to provide advice on the products that they offer. In the event of a complaint, all advisers are members of an authorised complains register.

The MyAdviser website is a platform where customers can easily select an adviser that meets their requirements. We provide as much information as we have available about each adviser including customer reviews from people who have previously worked with this adviser.

There are few easy steps to take in getting in touch with the most appropriate advisor for you.

1. Select the type of advice you need
2. Enter your suburb or postal code
3. You will be see all the list of advisers you can choose from based on your preference and location. You can also view feedback from their previous clients
4. After selecting the advisor of your choice, tick the box that says, “Connect with me”
5. Fill out all your necessary information and submit
6. Once this is completed, the selected financial advisor will then contact you within the next few hours

Response time depends on each adviser and ranges from less than 10 minutes to around two hours. Once you have selected your preferred adviser, you will see the time frame to which they usually respond written just below the “Connect with me” button.

After selecting the opition to connect with preferred advisor, you will also be able to select the Urgent option on the next page. The advisor will be notified about the urgent request and should respond urgently.. You can also contact our team to let them know that this is an urgent request, and we will do our best to ensure your request is handled urgently

Our team have used industry standard features on the website to make sure that all personal data stored is safe and secured.

The MyAdviser site is encrypted with an SSL certificate.

• The padlock indicates the site is secure
• Clicking on the padlock will reveal details about the certificate

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